AMS02T (non stop tape measuring)

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* housed in a lead shielding block

non stop tape measuring

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ʿ信 缱 ͸ 1~3 Ȱ ֽϴ.

͸ ϳ PIPS Ͱ Ǵµ,

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͸ ϳ ߰ , Nal(Ti) ƿ̼ ͳ

LaBr3(Ce) ƿ̼ Ͱ Ǵµ,

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ʿ信 ϴ ʹ и ֽϴ.

The NaI or LaBr3 detector is continuously automatic energy calibrated. Checking the efficiency calibration

is possible by an optional Cs137 and Pu239+Sr90/Y90 source.

Filter-band and driver

The filter tape driver steps the filter forwards every 1-2-3 days (settable) in Normal measure mode.

In case of an emergency (in case of irregular spectrum or alarm situation), the filter step occurs every hour.

In normal situation one filter roll lasts for about one year use.

Lead shielding

The sampling and measuring chamber housed in a lead shielding block. External gamma-ray background

attenuated by at least one order of magnitude.

Air flow pump

The nominal volume rate of the maintenance-free pump is 3.5 m/h. The flow-rate is measured indirectly

by pressure sensors and a temperature sensor.


All detectors are autonomous working intelligent detectors with continuously automatic energy calibration

by embedded 1k channels MCA (MultiChannelAnalyser) controlled by a microcontroller.

All of these intelligent detectors communicate through a RS422 communication bus connected to a PC

or to a notebook by a single USB cable. The main control and evaluation programs and data processing and storing,

communication (AutoFTP client or server) are running on this PC under Windows.

Communication, Data central(Optional)

It is possible by LAN, Internet, GSM, VPN for sending data to a central or use remote maintenance.

For data central and visualising data BITT-SCADA a SQL based central program can be used.




AMS02T is a step-band filter equipment. The step-band unit has simple maintenance free mechanic

and high nuclear sensitivity – low limit of detection at measuring Alpha, Beta, Gamma aerosol,

elementary Iodine and beta noble gas in one unit. The AMS02T is having one or two or three radiation detectors.

By using the one detector system a PIPS detector is always inserted for the alpha and the beta (radon) measurement

using a glass fibre filter.

At a two detector system we build in additionally a 'NaI(Tl)' scintillation detector or LaBr3(Ce) scintillation detector

for Aerosol gamma and elementary Iodine measurement.
The third detector can measure beta noble gas by a plastic scintillation detector
The unit has two filter tapes. The upper one is a 60mm wide glass fibre band for collecting aerosol, the lower one

is a 60mm wide active carbon impregnated (charcoal) filter band for retention of elementary iodine. The lower band

for iodine can be left. See the orderable options below.