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* RS04 κ꿡 ͸ ȹ
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RS04 κ꿡 ͸ ȹϿ մϴ.
͸ ðȭ ֽϴ.

Hardware features;



8MB Data flash (boot loader)

SD Card / Mini SD Card

1 Ethernet port 10/100Mbit (PoE)

1 USB connector external

1 USB connector internal

3 native serial ports (RS232)

1 native RS232 port or alternative RS485/422

1 native RS232 port or alternative OLED

1 native RS232 debug port

MAXIM 1-wire interface connected to one RS232 port

Real time clock (RTC), powered by an ultra capacitor (1 Farad), so changing of the battery isnt necessary 

JTAG (optional)

I2C (optional)

4-row LCD Display incl. 4-button keypad (optional)

Software features;

Running Linux (2.6.x).

For specific purpose the BITT-WEBDL can also provide the collected data through a FTP server.

Every Browser can act as a client. The web page is optimized for MS Internet Explorer 6

but also tested with Firefox 1.5, Netscape 7.1 and Opera 8.51.

Support of SSL (https and SSH)

Configuration of the station through the web page.

Emergency and maintenance login over a console is provided at a native serial port.

Login over Telnet and SSH is supported


Via USB it is possible to connect several peripherals like printers, displays and modems.

Flash memory is easily expandable via a flash memory stick connected to the USB port.

Connections over SAMBA (eg. MS Windows shares).

Adapting the systems to special customer requirements is possible because Linux is used as

operating system