ڵ ǥ鿰SSM

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- ǥ ǰ
- Bresle Patch
- ڵ Ȯ
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* ǥ鿡 ϰ

* ϰ Ȯ

* 鿡 ڱ ʴ´

* ڵ ּȭ

* ¥ , ð ڵ

* ڵ Excel ȯ







 Magnetic with silicone seal(no effect on surface quality; proven to seal over deep pits)


 漭 ̿ ڵ 3m 0.05m  

 Dosing Accuracy

  0.04 mL

 Air Evacuation

 Automated(measurement chamber relaxes automatically; no time delays)

 Measurement Process Steps




 Plunger Cycle Time (Full Cleaning)

 40 seconds

 Temperature Sensors

 1 probe (stainless steel)


 0 – 50 C 

 µ Ȯ

  0.5 C

 Conductivity Sensors

 4 probes (stainless steel)


 0-100 µS/cm 




 Red/Green LED




 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery 


 Not required; meter is calibrated by manufacturer.  

 Daily validation method provided.





The Soluble Salt Meter kit is supplied in a carry case and includes:

  • Soluble Salt Meter type HED7263901 for flat surfaces
  • Additional measuring heads for curved surfaces (optional).
  • 3ml fixed volume fluid dispenser
  • Container for deionised water
  • Flexible plastic tubing to interconnect SSM and dispenser
  • Universal AC adapter to charge the Li-ion battery of the SSM
  • CD with SSMlink software and manual
  • USB connection cable
  • 4 sachets of 84 µS/cm validation fluid
  • Syringe to inject validation fluid into the SSM
  • 3 spare seals.