AC 전압: 0 to 600V.
AC 전류: 0 to 600A.
DC 전압: 0 to 600V.
DC 전류: 0 to 600A.

LUTRON 한국수입총판, 자체A/S실시

 제품 특징 

* Design meet IEC 1010 CATIII 600V safety requirment.
* 4000 counts, Auto range & multi-functions.
* Measurement for ACA, DCA ACV, DCV, Ohms, Diode, Hz, Continuity beeper.
* Water resistance for the front panel.
* Data hold.
* Wide ranges ( 600 A, 400 A ) clamp on current measurement both for ACA & DCA.
* Overload protection circuit is provided for all range.
* LSI circuit provides high reliability and durability.
* Pocket & slim housing case, easy carryout. Compact & heavy duty ABS housing case. and durability.