4000 의 최대 읽기와 3-3/4 digit LCD
Low 배터리 표시
AC 전압범위: 0 to 750V.
AC 전류범위: 0 to 1200A.
DC 전압범위: 0 to 1000V.
DC 전류범위: 0 to 1200A
최소/ 최대, 제로(REL).
시험범위: ACV, ACA, DCV, DCA,
저항, 주파수, 다이오드, 정전 용량, 연속성,자동전원끄기

TENMARS 한국수입총판, 자체A/S실시


 제품 특징
3-3/4 digit LCD with maximum reading of 4000.
Overload indication.
Automatic polarity.
Low battery indication.
AC voltage range: 0 to 750V.
AC current range: 0 to 1200A.
DC voltage range: 0 to 1000V.
DC current range: 0 to 1200A
Min/Max, Zero (REL).
Test Ranges: ACV, ACA, DCV, DCA, Resistance, Frequency, Diode, Capacitance, Continuity.
Auto Power Off.
 제품 사양
 Maximum Current  1200 Amps
 Display  4000 counts
 Max. Conductor Size  52mm
 AC Current  0.01A to 1200A ±(2.0% + 5 dgt)
 AC Voltage  0.1mV to 750V  ±(1.2% + 3 dgt)
 DC Voltage  0.1mV to 1000V ±(1.5% + 5 dgt)
 DC Current  0.01A to 1200A ±(1.5% + 5 dgt)
 Resistance  0.1Ω to 40MΩ
 Continuity Buzzer  Yes
 Diode  Test voltage
 Capacitance  1pF to 30pF
 Frequency  0.01Hz to 500KHz
 Bargraph  Yes
 Autoranging  Yes
 Auto Power Off  Yes
 Min/Max  Yes
 REL (Zero)   Yes
 Dimensions  221mm (L) x 62mm (W) x 35mm (D)
 Weight  500g